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Amy+Jason Prattville Wedding Photography, Columbus Georgia

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Hello Prattivlle!!!  Having visited Prattville quite a bit, my visits were mostly centered around Jim and Nick's, PHS stadium and I'll admit it, Bass Pro Shop.  Never have I had the chance to visit downtown, which if you've never been is filled with oldies.  Old homes and business buildings.  How old you ask; some going back to the late 1800's.  So the post is not about Prattville but about the couple that was married there, Amy and Jason. Some people you just click with.  Some you find yourself in conversation with and it seems like you've been friends for a while and you just naturally enjoy being around them.  Amy and Jason would fall into this category and I'll add one more  description to them, hospitable.  It always blesses our heart when we have the opportunity to work with a couple like Jason and Amy.  Thank you guys and we hope you enjoy this preview!

Amy + Jason Engagement Shoot, Auburn, Alabama, Columbus, Georgia, Portrait

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There is something so sweet about a newly engaged couple...It makes me remember that precious time I had with Wes and how special our engagement was.  Wes and I are so thankful that Amy and Jason are allowing us to follow them on their incredible journey of being engaged!  We can't wait to shoot their wedding on March 19, 2011!  This couple was so much fun and was up for anything.  We traveled all over Columbus, Georgia and found some great spots to shoot!  Icing on the cake...they both graduated from our Alma Mater, Troy University, Jason played football for Troy, and Amy is one of my Chi Omega sisters!  We hope you enjoy a peek at our great session with them!  Thanks to Amy and Jason for being willing and having fun with us!

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