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Ashley and Chris (freebie session)

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I've kind of been holding on to these, just trying to catch my breath.  These are a couple from the freebie session I did with Ashley and Chris.  What made me excited about this is that,  1. I got to spend time with one of my couples that I'll be doing their wedding next year and 2.  we did the shoot at the Peanut Festival.  How much better can it get?  Ashley had never been to a fair so I tried to prepare her for what she was about to experience, words can't really describe it; the fair is something you have to experience.  The amazing thing is that they drove 2.5 hours for this shoot, and had to leave and drive another 2.5 hours back home because Chris was leaving the next day for Texas.  Ashely and Chris, thanks for offering to do this, we had tons of fun with you guys and we can wait till April!  Hope you enjoy and God Bless,


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How amazing is this little boy.