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What Our Top 5 2014 Wedding Moments Look Like

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From every wedding we get to be witnesses to some of the most memorable and emotional moments in life.  We've seen the astonished look on a groom's face as he first views his bride and the father's tearful eye as he dances with his daughter.  There have been times when we were nearly brought to tears because you feel the emotion.  We wanted to relive the top 5 moments (in no particular order) that we experienced.  See if you feel the same.

1. Was from Ashley and Tre's wedding.  This was one of the most touching moments.  Ashley had given her gift to Tre which were a pair of cufflinks that were engraved with Tre's bestfriend's initials who had passed away.

2.  Our second is from Ali and Jared's wedding. 

3. Excitement flows in both ways, through tears and joy.  We saw both of these in Lindsay and Seth's wedding; it's so warming.  We watched as Seth saw Lindsay make her way down the aisle with tears in his eyes and his excitement after the ceremony.

4.  From Stacin and Cole's wedding was the parent's dance.  Mother son dances are just as touching since I was in that same place as Cole.  For moms, they realize that their son is not that little boy that clung to their leg.  

Watching Stacin's brother both give her away and do the first dance honors was one of those tear moments.

5. The last moment was one that warmed my heart.  This moment was one from Shannon and Tyler's wedding.  It was a simple but impactful moment that spoke of their family.  Shannon's mom and maid of honor were helping her get her dress on (which had a special meaning as well), and throughout the moment there were times of reflection, love and with this family, laughter.  These are the moments that weddings are about.