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I am sure you have heard me say over and over, we love what we do. We are truly blessed to be able to be full time photographers. We get to capture some of the most important moments in our clients lives. Saying I do, the birth of a new baby, adding children through adoption, documenting a high school senior, and partnering with other businesses; these are all things we get to see every day, document every day. We get to capture the tears when a dad sees his daughter in her wedding gown, when a husband and wife smile as they hold their new bundle of joy, when a high school senior has fun during her hair and makeup session before her senior portraits....

We work long hours, leaving our kids with a babysitter many days to shoot sessions, and all day weddings, we don't get to tuck them in many Saturday nights because we are documenting a wedding, we stay up well past midnight to process and edit images. But you know what makes this all worth it...the relationships we build! Being able to make a difference. Being the one who stands with the bride before she goes down the aisle and pray for her as she begins her new life with her soon to be husband. Helping a bride get into her dress, lacing the back of it up and making sure her veil is straight before we snap that perfect bridal portrait. These are the moments that mean the most to us. When it's all said and done, relationships are what matters most to us, the friendships we build along the way. 

Nothing gives us greater joy than to hear from a client after the wedding day or portrait session and have them let us know how much it meant to them that we were there to document it, that we were there to pray with them, or wipe that tear from their eye and touch up their blush. We are not just in this to take pictures, we are in this to make our clients feel loved and know they mean the world to us! 

We are on this journey for moments like these...