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Wes Roberts Seniors - {Guest Blogger, Kamee Style}

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{We are so excited to have our sweet friend, Kamee Kwak of Kamee Style, guest blogging for us today! She is a wiz at styling clothing for some of our styled shoots and we wanted to share her expertise with you!}

"Senior portraits can be one of the most exciting parts for a teen in their last school year. Long gone are the days of just a simple cap and gown photo. Today, it is  more like a photo shoot which is so much more fun! It can be a little hard to figure out what to wear and how many looks to take on location. So here are a few tips for any Senior on their big photo shoot day!

First of all, try not to take your whole closet. I know it's hard, but if you can narrow it down to 5 or 6 different looks, it will make the day a great deal easier on you and your photographer. 

Try on your outfits with shoes and accessories and be sure to have someone snap a photo. If it looks good on a phone pic, just imagine what it will look like in a professional photo.

Make sure that your accessories, shoes, and articles of clothing can mix and match together. That way when you are on location and aren't feeling that necklace you brought to go with your favorite dress, you will have options.

I've created five different looks to give you inspiration while choosing your outfits.
Have fun on your big photo shoot day!"

Kamee Kwak, Kamee Style