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Wes Roberts Seniors - {Three things I wish I would have known before becoming a Senior}

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We are so excited about our first guest blogger today! She also happens to be one of our amazing 2016 Senior Models! Enjoy her blog and leave her some love in the comments! 

Hey blog readers! I’m Megan Johnson, a senior at Smiths Station High School. I’m also a senior model for Wes Roberts Photography, but don’t let that impress you. Wes is just really good at making girls who laugh too much and make jokes that aren’t so funny (like me) look really good in pictures. He and his wife are absolutely fabulous so when they asked me to be a guest blogger, I said “heck yes” and then half way panicked. I say half way because nothing really stresses me out too much … Except for a bad pecan pie, that’s just downright sinful.

3 things I wish I would’ve known before senior year? A blog? Oh that’ll be easy! Sike. I learned 2 things. 1 - Just because I have my own blog and have written so much already (because two blogs basically makes me a pro now right?) doesn’t mean I’m a pro. 2 – When you’re writing for somebody else’s blog, you have to tweak your writing style a bit. Example: I can’t crack too many corny jokes and I can’t be quite as blunt. But here we go J

1.      Your planner is ruining your high school career.

No really. You are in high school, your life isn’t as busy as you think it is. You aren’t a mom with 4 kids and 12 after school activities to drag them to everyday of the week, You aren’t planning dinners for your family yet, and you aren’t a professional photographer whoprobably has 4 planners and huge calendar on his fridge *wink wink Wes & Meg*.  I threw mine away the first day of senior year. I chunked that sucker and haven’t looked back yet. Sorry to the Martha Stewart’s and Betty Homemakers but you are missing so much that is going on by worrying about a tight calendar of the next 6 months. One of the biggest things people miss in high school or even life is the simple everyday moments. See the problem was, I would write in my calendar every single day about every single thing that was I was going to do. By doing this, I became the person who just waited for a good day to happen. I was waiting for a better day or better event to come along. Here’s my advice; stop waiting for a better day and make it a better day.

2.      In one year, nobody will care about the last 18 years of your life.

Other than your family and your future spouse. But really, you think people in college will care that you were a cheerleader, that you took 6 AP classes, or that you threw the wildest high school parties? … heck no. When I leave high school, I’m going to walk out with a bunch of good memories and a good personality (ok it may not be that good, but I’m trying), not what I did or who I hung out with. The real world doesn’t care. Please don’t think of this as discouraging either. When you walk into college your future friends care about one thing, who you are. And that’s exactly how it should be!! So don’t take your problems to seriously and have fun while you can. Life is short, and high school is even shorter!

3.      High school isn’t that serious.

*waits for the gasp from the senior sponsors and the sobs from the prom committee* 

Yes, your ACT score, your GPA, and your police records are pretty serious, do not mess that up. (Especially those police records, because tears from pretty little teenage girls who drive just a tad too fast don’t phase the cops in Smiths Station, AL … trust me I know). However, don’t take anything else too serious. Do what you want and be friends with who you want. There’s a 90% you won’t marry your boyfriend/girlfriend right now, so go ahead and stop planning your future children’s names together. The fights with your friends will mean nothing to you one day, in fact call them right now and make things better. Your crush doesn’t feel the same? Saran wrap is truck. Your parents won’t let you go out tonight? Start Greys Anatomy on Netflix … you won’t want to go out for the next 11 seasons.  You are extremely pale and you are going to the beach next weekend? (okay, maybe that’s just me) Find a friend who can edit pictures well and tell them to make you look tan. Laugh at everything. Find joy in the simplest things. Have crazy ideas and follow through with them. Smile at everyone and simply enjoy the easiest time of your life. The point is, at 17 years old, life isn’t that serious.

Maybe you didn’t need any of this, maybe you’re a freshman, maybe you’re a faithful blog reader of Wes Roberts Photography and was totally upset when I came in, or maybe you’re my mom. Either way, writing this gave me an excuse not to do my chores today, so thanks Wes!