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Wes Roberts Seniors - {3 Tips for your Senior Portraits}

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We get asked all the time by seniors or parents about how to prepare for their session.  As a professional photographer I've seen the difference between shoots that were great and those that were less great.  The key ingredient to a great session revolves around planning and doing so with the help of other professionals.  With that said we give you our top 3 tips for a great Senior Session!

3 tips to prepare for your Senior Portrait session…

1.       Clothing – So this is probably the one thing that can make or break your senior session. When planning for what clothes to wear for you senior session…we want you to look amazing and feel amazing. Pulling out your old, beat up jeans and some worn out shirts…well that’s not going to make you feel your best (yes they may be comfy). We recommend, new, fresh, fun, trendy clothing for your senior session.  We send our senior models to a local boutique to pick out several outfits for their session! The boutique owner, styles their clothing in a way that flatters them and gives them that magazine look! Who doesn’t want some new clothes anyways! Go shopping for your session! Think outside the box when picking out clothes for the session. Make sure that you feel confident in the outfits you choose.

2.       Professional Makeup – Having your makeup done by a professional makeup artist is key to getting that flawless look in the photos. We always have a hair and makeup artist come with us, on location, during our senior model shoots. This ensures that our seniors have perfect makeup for their entire senior session! Make up that is too heavy or caked on will be very noticeable in pictures and not enough makeup can make you looked washed out or have no color in your photos. Having your makeup done professionally is another key to having amazing senior photos.

3.       Professional Hair Styles – The third thing that can make or break your senior photo’s is having your hair styled by a professional. Natural, fun, fresh hair styles just add to your beauty. We always bring a hair stylist along during our senior model sessions to make sure that our model’s hair is perfect and remains perfect for the entire session! This also gives us the ability to change hairstyles during the photo shoot to fit the clothing our model is wearing. Having several different styles adds to the uniqueness of your senior session.

We want you to feel beautiful, like you stepped out of a magazine. We want your senior portraits to be unique, different, exciting, fun, and bold! Contact us today to book your senior portrait session!