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Our Top 5 Bridal Images...

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As wedding photographers, we get to see lots of beautiful brides and images that we capture.  It’s like Christmas morning for us when we load the memory card onto the computer and view what we have captured during a session. You might be thinking that the cool locations and amazing dresses make the image but really it is the bride, her personality, and the time we get to spend with her to create stunning images. We love doing bridal sessions! It gives us time to get that perfect shot of our brides in their dress and the bride is relaxed and has fun…which is sometimes hard to do on the wedding day. Typically, our bridal sessions last about 2 hours. We seek out several locations that the bride wants to use or sometimes we have locations in mind that we think would make for great images. Not only are the brides more relaxed during their bridal session, but it gives us time to get the know the bride and allows her to get comfortable in front of the camera. Not everyone loves the spotlight, so it is much easier to get camera comfortable during a bridal session than on your wedding day when tons of people may be watching you take pictures. We want to get our brides the best images we can in their wedding dress…after all, this will be the most important dress she will put on in her lifetime! We chose several of our favorite bridal images from recent weddings that we feel display the brides uniqueness, beauty, and personality…all qualities that we aim to showcase during our sessions. Check out some more of our work in our gallery under weddings!



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