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We are doing it!  Meg walked into her principal’s office on last Tuesday and let her know that she will be leaving school at the end of January.  That’s insane!  I don't think I've felt the nervous and excited since I left my job over 5 years ago.  We will be a family building a business, one income and relying on God to prosper it.  It’s kind of like sitting at the card table and going all in, except I’ve got the confidence that God is taking care of us.  You might think, that’s a little farfetched Wes, to leave your job and then have Meg leave her’s plus you have a baby on the way!  Look, I’ve been put in situations that I've had no choice but to trust that God would provide and numerous opportunities to exercise faith.  And I can recall, each time where when I said “I trust You” and meant it in my heart and watched big things happen right before me.  There were times I was just astonished.  Even in the decision for Meg to come home, there have been some awesome things happen and I’ll share those in the future.  I’m not going to say that I’m not nervous and a little anxious.  I sat down to pray last night and let Jesus know how I felt and was quickly assured that everything was ok; even this morning during prayer, I felt my soul calm down and be at peace. 


I feel that the first step in business is to give rightful place to the One who entrusted it to you.  I used the word entrust on purpose.  God being the creator of all owns all.  He has set us to be managers of what comes in our life; an example of this is the Parable of the Talents that Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:14-30.  We are set over certain things to watch after and care for, for the intent purpose to make God’s name great.  We do this by our work ethic (strive for excellence because He is), how we handle finances (obviously from the parable), how we interact with people (if you’re a Christian, you’re a representative of Him), and how we handle praise from others (do we accept if for ourselves or point it back to Jesus).  There are so many more things that go into being a great manager but giving God the rightful place (CEO) in your business is the first step.  Let Him lead you. 


I’d love to hear some faith builder stories where you exercised your faith in the face of doubt and God showed up.

And, here is a little bit of Nick Wallenda tightrope walking the grand canyon.  Who needs man made nets?