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WRP / Two Bright Lights Editor's Choice

Wes RobertsComment

I remember when I first started photography.  I was a no nothing college student taking a couple of classes for fun, which was anything but!  I can remember having prints critiqued and rejected by my instructor, at times, a heart breaking hit that would warp the idea of what I thought was a good picture.  He pushed harder to make his students better, he tore down so that he could build the right foundation and form the eye to see and create great images.  I don't often miss the days of being critiqued like that, it's kind of hard to over come to trust the future work you produce, even now.  

We recently had the honor of being recognized by a company that has made a name for itself in the photography industry by helping photographers get their work published.  We were recently listed in their list of the top 5% of its members who have their work frequently-published.  I'm just completely humbled to be listed in this group.  Thank you TBL.