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Some Quick Marriage Thoughts After 9 Years

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As I eased into bed last night about 12:30, I tried my best to be as quiet as possible. By the low light of my phone I could catch a glimpse of my Meg sleeping and it brought such great comfort to me. For the past 9 years she has been by my side and every morning with the exception of a handful (really) I have been blessed and reminded of such a great gift that was presented to me. There have been thousands of laughs, and just as many tears, moments we have hung as our greatest and times we have fought fears, trials, acts of selfishness and so many things that could have driven us apart. Every day I try to keep in mind, “treat her as Christ treats the church”.  It’s hard and I fail many times, but thankfully she is just as much filled with grace and forgiveness as Jesus.

As I type this, I’m thinking about the amazing qualities that I’ve seen in Meg over the past 9 years: grace, compassion, determination, love, hospitality, friendship, and there are so many more. Even through this marriage, I have found one who champions me and believes in me and even today it astonishes me how God matched us together. While our weaknesses are each other strengths, it propels us to not give up. I struggle in believing in myself and she speaks words that refresh me and keeps me going; Meg struggles with….well, I can’t think of one.;) Yep, and even in our irritating habits we find that we miss them and find joy in them (although I don’t think she likes that I leave crumbs in the chip bag to save for when I want the crumbs, but hey).

I will say that in the 9 years that have passed, we have had some exciting moments and it elates me even more to think of what’s ahead and to share them with you (Meg). You are my life, and I couldn’t imagine it without you. Thank you for every effort you make to enrich my life and ours as a family. I am humbled and honored to call you my wife.