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Our New Beautiful Home {Wes Roberts Photography}

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On this path of being a photographer, I've tried my hand at many things.  To say that I'm just a photographer would be a mistake and running a small business forces you into many rolls that you are not made to do, nor good at.  I've had to try my hand at learning code (only to be confused at this insane language), web design (only to learn I know nothing about what goes into making things pretty), logo design (can I say that I compiled all the logos I've had in the past and realized how hideous they were), accounting, editing, and everything else that can get you into a mess.  

Here's some previous logo work I personally did; I told you they were hot messes.  Swoopies and curlies and just plain bad font.  I'll hang out in the corner with my head down.

I put this out there because, I've always wanted a site that I could be proud of.  I'd change something here and there and finish only to find myself unsatisfied with the look and feel.  I would have invested a weeks worth of time to be sick of what I had crafted.  Before I go any further with this, let me introduce you to Whitlee.  This woman is one of the sweetest, loving and caring people I've known.  I'd call her a magical design person, with the eye of one who can entrance the world with her design talents (yes that good).  I've worked with Whit on lots of styled shoots and had the chance to see what she was capable of and loved it.  So, why not entrust her to rebrand the look of Wes Roberts Photography; hey, she could say one magical code word and do far better than I could.  

One thing I've learned over the years of running a business, is get out of the way.  In the E Myth, Michael Gerber notes that in order for your business to succeed the way it should you need to, get yourself out of the way.  If accounting is the issue, don't take it on yourself, entrust it to a professional accountant.  If design is the issue, don't take it on yourself (it will look hideous, unless you're a designer), entrust it to a professional web designer.  I preach this all the time, if photographer matters, don't try and do it yourself, entrust it to a professional photographer who knows what they are doing.  So, I got out of the way and let Whit do her thing.

We started with the logo, which as you've seen above needed MUCH work!  Then we worked on the site to bring a cohesiveness to the whole look and match what my photography work portrayed and my personality.  I look at the site and can say, yep, I am satisfied with it.  I love my new site.  I love the way it shows off my clients and their moments.  I love the way it feels.  As we take our next step into 2015, what better way to start it than with a stunning new web home.

So now my doting message to my amazing designer...

Whit, you are amazing and I love you to death.  Thank you for your time and talents as well as your friendship!  Your willingness to harness your OCD tendencies which drives you to make sure everything is perfect.  Your adeptness to your craft will lead you to your dreams and I can't wait to see it transpire.   On a fun note, I am honored to get to shoot your wedding in a couple of days.  I can't wait!  

To see more of Whit's work and get in the head of knowledgeable web designer, check out her site at www.whitleemullis.com