Wes Roberts Photography


My story of how I became a photographer is not like most.  Some say they were born with a camera in hand or have been shooting since they were 5, but I was not so fortunate.  Although I have always been a picture person, I normally chop it up to being somewhat ADD.  I was fortunate enough though that about 8 years ago God allowed situations to happen that opened up this door to photography.  My journey to photography has taken me through a couple of changes which range from finance to selling insurance, Air Force and working for Troy University, where, for five years I was the assistant “head complaint dealer wither” in the financial aid department.  While in grad school I needed extra hours in order to get financial aid, so I decided to take a photography class thinking it would be fun (its funny how it all plays out).  I was completely wrong and within the first 2 weeks half the class had dropped out indicating how hard the instructor was.  What I found though, was that the tough critiques pushed me to excel at something I did enjoy.  It brought out the fire to not be satisfied with what I was creating.  I think this is what has pushed me so much in creating my style of photography as well as creating images and memories that my clients cherish.

In 2006 I shot my first wedding and from that point I knew something was right.  Since 2007 I photographed weddings part-time averaging 13 wedding per year which amazed me since I did not advertise.  What I did know is that we were being blessed and I had to use the talent I had been given to honor God.  Each year it gradually increased and in January of 2010 I had to make a decision to either stay with my full time job or step out in faith and go for it.  That’s easy said but at the time we had only 7 weddings ready for 2010.  Now it looks like a big step, but by March we had 23 weddings on our plate and the total for the end of the year was 27.  I love it when you step out and trust God because you know He is going to use you to accomplish His will.

In these past years we have been blessed to be commissioned by some wonderful couples to cover their wedding and we love it.  My favorite part of this whole ride has been seeing couples start such a great journey.  To top it off, they chose me to capture it.  How humbling.  Out of thousands of professional and aspiring photographers, I was given the opportunity to capture one of the most special moments in their life!